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We aim to remove all of the hassle and time-consuming admin tasks associated with organising powerlifting event, and make the experience easier for lifters as well as organisers.

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What am I paying for?

Why should you use our software when there are free options such as the tried and trusted Excel workbook?

Each feature described below adds up to hours being shaved off of your competition run-time.

Lifters benefit. Spotters benefit. You benefit.

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Feature Breakdown

Any Device

You can manage your competition on the go on your phone, on the sofa with your tablet or at your desk on your desktop. The site is responsive and platform agnostic.

You can run the entire competition from your phone if thats the only device you have.

Offline Mode

We know some venues have issues with Wi-Fi or 4G connections. No issues: you can run the desk normal with our 'Offline mode'.

You can import your results after the competition ends.

Some features will however not be available - including multi-screen options and judges lights.

Data Backups

Running a competition is hard enough without the worry of technology breaking down in the middle of it.

Automatic backups are taken at the end of each flight, and you can even export the current results to an Excel file.


Customise your competition - upload your own logo, payment options, dress code..

.. as well as set your available weights for competition day.

Flight Management

Assign your flights ahead of time with simple drag and drop functionality.

You can even send an automatic flight confirmation email to your competitors.

Multiple Platforms

You can run multiple platforms at once - all driving your 'central' set of results.


Competitors get a public web-page to sign up to your competition.

You get automatic notifications for sign ups, and can keep track of who has paid as well as send payment reminders and confirmation of receipt of payment.


Flight Confirmation - confirm lifters' weigh in details as they weigh in.

Up Next - the current flight knows exactly when they are scheduled to lift.

Plate Configuration - the current lifters weight setup automatically shows spotters what plates are needed.

Live Standings - show lifters live results as each competitor lifts.

Run the Desk

Weigh in competitors on your phone, your laptop running the desk will automatically.

Record lifts as they happen, automatically updating any other screen setup with multi-screen.


Instantly available once lifting ends including scoring via total, Wilks or Schwarz/Malone.

Provide a public results page for competitors to see once they get home!

Export your results for federations or records databases to consume.

You can even auto-generate certificates for your lifters!

Test Run

Paying from software and not knowing how to use it is frustrating.

Dont worry! Once you have your competitors signed up, you can do a 'test run through' of your competition.

So on the day you will know exactly what you are doing.


There is a white/red light system available for judges.

Use a screen to show the lights to lifters.

Judges can use their phone to score the current lift, and the desk or lights page will automatically update based on each judge's score.

Still not clear? Have a look through this brief review of our product.
Competitors can sign up with ManageMyComp.com for an even more interactive experience for lifters! Check out the video below:

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