Looking to host a powerlifting competition?

Paper forms, weigh-in cards, herding flights, Excel macros and scoresheet... sound familiar? We're here to help...

What We Do

Powerlifting Software

ManageMyComp.com is a suite of powerlifting meet scoring software that drastically reduces the overhead of managing powerlifting competitions - from registering competitors to accessing the day's results.

Save an hour and potentially more on competition day.


How We Do It


Register and pay online

Run the desk

Weigh in, rack heights and lifts scoring driven by a central 'hub'


Instantly available once lifting ends

Any Device

Works on phones, tablets or your laptop/desktop!

Offline Mode

No WiFi? You can still run the desk, but multi-screen will not be available

Multiple Screens

Multi-screen options allow you to feedback to lifters and help spotters

Multiple Platforms

Run multiple platforms at once


White/red light system available for judges

How much does this all cost?


per competitor

Free to sign up and create competitions immediately

Payment required before use on competition day to unlock full functionality

You can up your competitor entry free and include this within it and it's free!

Let's Get In Touch!

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