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Paper forms, weigh-in cards, herding flights, Excel macros... sound familiar? We're here to help...

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What We Do

ManageMyComp.com is a suite of powerlifting software that drastically reduces the overhead of managing powerlifting competitions - from registering competitors to accessing the day's results.

Save an hour and potentially more on competition day.


How We Do It


Register and pay online

Weigh In

Weigh in competitors using any device

Rack Heights

Collect rack heights at the desk or on your mobile device


Record lift attempts

Plate Setup

Spotters can see plates to load for the current lift

Flight Order

Competitors see order of lifting for the current flight


View live rankings as the day progresses


Instantly available once lifting ends (with Wilks or Schwarz/Malone scores)


Manage your organisations records including verifying potential records.

Export Records

Export competition lifts to your organisations records with one click.


Manage your organisations members (including payment).

Sign Up

Handles sign up and payment for new and existing members.

Easy Register

Members can sign up for a competition in a few clicks.

My History

Members can review their competition history.

Make Those Long Days A Little Shorter

Activity Estimated Time Saved
Transfer of sign up forms to Excel At least an hour
Collecting weigh in, openers and rack heights Over an hour
Calculating plate configuration 20 mins (a few seconds x 100s of lifts)
Calculating winners and relative to body weight scores 10 mins (assuming your Excel macros work!)
TOTAL >= 90 mins (on comp day) - 2 and half hours overall

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Sign Up

Free to sign up and create competitions

No monthly cost

Can use immediately

Competitor Registration

Online payment only

Charged immediately, competitor pays 2.9% transaction fee (on top of entrance fee)

£3.20 per competitor taken out of entrance fee before transferring remaining fee to you immediately to a chosen PayPal account

Sign Up


Sign Up

Payment required before use

Yearly payment of £1500 (in advance)

Limit of 8 competitions (per year)

Competitor Registration

Choice of payment options to provide

PayPal Me Link
Bank Transfer

Sign Up


Sign Up

Payment required before use

Yearly payment of £4000 (in advance)

No limit on number of competitions

Competitor Registration

Choice of payments options to provide

PayPal Me Link
Bank Transfer


Automatically handle your organisation's records

Setup cost of £499 to:

- Import existing records

- Import qualifying totals


Handle management of members, including sign up, payment and renewal

Setup cost of £399 to:

- Import existing membership

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