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Paper forms, weigh-in cards, herding flights, Excel macros... sound familiar? We're here to help...

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What We Do

ManageMyComp.com is a suite of powerlifting software that drastically reduces the overhead of managing powerlifting competitions - from registering competitors to accessing the day's results.

Save an hour and potentially more on competition day.


How We Do It


Register and pay online

On The Day

Weigh in, rack heights and multiple screens drived by a central 'hub'


Instantly available once lifting ends (with Wilks or Schwarz/Malone scores)

And now competitors can sign up with ManageMyComp.com for an even more interactive experience with lifters! Check out the video below:

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  • £99 per competition (for < 30 competitors)
  • £149 per competition (for >= 30 competitors < 60)
  • £249 per competition (for >= 60 competitors)
  • Free to sign up and create competitions immediately
  • Payment required before use on competition day


  • Yearly payment of £749
  • Payment required before use
  • Limit of 6 competitions (per year)


  • Yearly payment of £1999
  • Payment required before use
  • Up to 50 competitions a year

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